Do you know how to choose a metal filing cabinet?


Modern office is more and more inclined to choose steel office furniture. Compared with wood furniture, steel office furniture has its unique advantages. So how to choose steel office furniture?

1. Whether the product structure is stable or not, and the overall gap of the product is even. Whether the shelf is strong or not, and the thickness can meet the load-bearing requirements. Whether the product opens smoothly or not, the door with glass should be shaken to see if the glass will loosen.

2. Whether the plastic powder of the product is uniform or not, and whether there is any miscellaneous color, we should see whether there are pits and holes in the product under the bright light. Product surface is generally divided into grinding grain, sand grain, orange grain, gloss is divided into matte and bright, according to the needs of customers to choose.

3. Check whether there has leaks and open-weld phenomena in product reinforcement ribs, and obvious hook marks inside the product.

4. Whether the product details are defective, whether the locks can be opened and closed smoothly, whether the door is even after closing, whether the bending of the plate is sharp and flat, whether the overall product is horizontal and vertical.

5. The drawer cabinet and pedestal cabinet should draw drawers to see if there has big noise and whether the drawing is smooth. If products have wheels, need to check wheels if they are strong and undamaged or not, and whether the wheel rotates smoothly.

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