Detailed introduction to wardrobe


The locker is one of the essential furniture in the bedroom and plays the role of accommodating clothes. However, many people choose the wardrobe only to see if the appearance of the wardrobe is beautiful, and ignore the important problem of the size of the wardrobe. This kind of situation often occurs when the locker is bought home but cannot be placed.
Knowledge about the specifications of the locker:

Industry specifications for wardrobe specifications
According to my industry standard GB3327-82, the standard locker specifications include the following:

(1) The swing door closer is 550~600MM;
(2) Sliding door locker depth ≥ 626MM;
(3) The distance from the lower edge of the clothes rail to the bottom plate is >1350MM, the short coat is >900MM; the depth of the stacking area is >450MM;
(4) The top drawer is <1250mm away from the ground and the lower edge of the lower drawer is >60mm away from the ground;
(5) The drawer depth is 400~500MM.