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About Us

About Us

Luoyang Blue Whale Office Furniture Co., Ltd.

We are a factory with highly automated equipment. It has laser cutting machines, rolling lines, automatic powder spraying lines and other high-automated equipment.

The philosophy of our factory is real, professional and innovative. We guarantee that the goods delivered to the customers are of high quality every time, and we use 10% of the total revenue every year for the research and development of new products, etc.

The timely and good after-sales service makes the customers and us a long-term cooperative relationship

Blue Whale’s Company History

  • 2008 – establishment,mainly produce for China mainland market.
  • 2009 – 2013 Rapid growth period,we add new produce line for foreign market
  • 2014 – Moving into a new and bigger workshop,built our export sales team
  • 2019 – The annual turnover has increased stepwise, and the annual business volume is now around 50 million yuan.
  • Looking forward better and great Blue Whale in the near future!
Enterprise Development
BLUE WHALE Corporate Philosophy

1.Cooperate philosophy

2.Development Goals
Giving customers best quality products, establishing long-term strategic cooperation with customers, let our products spread to every corner of the world, and make Chinese manufacturing truly go global

3.Business Philosophy

4.Company Purpose
We are constantly designing new products to meet the demands of modern, stylish and diverse office environments. Provide strong technical support for different needs of customers.

The name of our company originated from an Chinese old story.

According to legend, in the ancient times, there was a fish in the North Ocean,called the Kun,which was so big that it was hard to know how many miles it was. Later it changed into a bird called [Peng]. Peng’s back didn’t know that it was thousands of miles away. When it vibrated its wings and flew straight, the wings seemed to hang in the sky. This bird will migrate to the south when the strong wind blows the sea. The sea in the south is ‘Tianchi’.

What we want to pass through this story is that our energy can be great, we want to be bigger and stronger, because our goods are transported in the sea, the ships that transport our goods are like fish, and our name also has whale Meaning, the whale is the largest mammal in the world, which expresses our determination to be bigger and stronger.


Company Strength

Our Advantage


Advanced Equipment


Continuous Technological Innovation


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