How to maintain the office filing cabinet?


Office file cabinet routine maintenance method:
1. When the office metal filing cabinet is bought back, Maintenance it should be placed on a dry ground to prevent moisture and alkalization. At the same time, avoid contact with acid and alkali liquids to prevent the file cabinet from being corroded. Also pay attention to Maintenance the file cabinet when it is placed in the office. Gently place and keep a certain distance from the wall to prevent damage to the surface of the cabinet.
2. If the weather is wet, you can put some desiccant for dehumidification in the metal filing cabinet. If the documents or books placed in the metal filing cabinet are relatively large and heavy, try to place them in the file cabinet. The lower layer is easy to take and prevents the object from being too heavy to crush the cabinet. When the doors and drawers are turned on and off, they should be lightly opened and lightly closed to avoid strong impact.
3. the file cabinet should be cleaned regularly, first with a cleaning agent, then wipe with a dry cloth.