What are the factors that affect the price of steel products?


1. Product size and use of materials
The price of a filing cabinet is directly related to its size. Whether it is wood or steel, the larger the volume, the higher the price. Apart from the size and thickness of the dimensions, it is actually the amount of material used. Take an ordinary steel double-section cabinet as an example. Its dimensions are: 1800 high, 900 cabinets, 400 deep, and its price is 610 yuan. This is a pure price without considering logistics costs and installation costs, and it is converted into a cross-section double door according to 900. * 900 * 400 Calculated for the price of 305. Calculating according to a single door is 152.2 yuan. You can also calculate the approximate price by purchasing the number of cabinets.
2. Production process and technology
The above price algorithm is suitable for steel file cabinets and is a traditional spray file library. However, if a color is purchased, a processing fee must be added to this. Process costs are different for manufacturers. You can find cheap purchases. However, it is conceivable that the more complicated the color, the higher the price. Regular color <two-color group <multi-color group <color and pattern, the price trend is basically the same.