The 8-steps process for steel furniture production.



The main production process of steel office furniture:
Due to the different surface materials and decorative fruits, the steel file cabinets have different process flow. The main representative types are: wooden file cabinets, steel file cabinets, plastic file cabinets, and of course the above two species. Mixed material file cabinet of one or more kinds.
The processing of steel file cabinets is more complicated. details as follows:
1. use the shearing machine to cut the cold-rolled steel plate out of the back plate, side plate, door panel, roof, body, laminate and other parts required size;
2.use a punching machine to punch out the corners and handles that need to be reserved;
3.Bending the inner and outer folds with a bending machine;
4. Welding and arranging the various junctions in the iron filing cabinet with an electric welder;
5. Put the welded metal filing cabinet into the chemical pool for pickling and phosphating;
6. Put the metal filing cabinet into the electric box for painting and electrostatic spray treatment;
7. Install the door, handle, door lock and other accessories for the metal file cabinet;
8. Metal filing cabinet for finished products in cardboard and foam.