Advantages of steel office furniture


Competitive Advantage Of Steel Furniture

1.Steel office furniture knock down structure, smaller packing,convenient for transportation.

2.Steel furniture Electrostatic powder spraying,environmental protection,non-toxic, more in line with the modern office atmosphere.

3.The color is optional and can be matched according to the office environment.

4.Competitive advantage More in line with the needs of modern office storage.

5.Production process Using heat transfer printing and UV laser printing to produce products with more exquisite patterns.

6.Long service life,waterproof,fire-proof and corrosion-resistant.

7.High quality cold rolled steel sheet is used as material and can be recycled.

Regardless of whether the size of the office is large or small, and whether you are gold-collar, white-collar or gray-collar, office storage has become the current trend. It has brought us a clean office environment, improved our work efficiency, and let us There can be a simpler way to pack documents and office supplies, and you can face work with a more relaxed mood.