What are the materials of file cabinets?


In our office, we can see the existence of file cabinets. These seemingly ordinary file cabinets are huge and used to place all kinds of office materials, environmentally friendly, light and simple. The common thing we should have is the gray-white metal filing cabinet. In fact, the filing cabinet is also divided into many materials.
Classification of file cabinets
There are three main types of file cabinets on the market: solid wood, rubber sheet and steel. For the file cabinets of these kinds of materials, I will analyze the respective points for everyone.
1. Steel file cabinet
Steel file cabinets are our common file cabinets. Most companies will buy file cabinets of this material. The price is cheap, suitable for employees to store documents, and it is solid and durable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Simple and convenient to open the door design, and practical, easy for us to pick and place file materials, mostly used for staff office use.

2. plastic file cabinet
The plastic file cabinet is the plate material we usually say. This is also a kind of wooden file cabinet. It is made of particle board or MDF for the surface veneer of the cabinet. It is also common on the market. It is the choice of modern office furniture. The surface is smooth and textured, and the design is simple and sleek. There are many different colors. Can be used with different styles of office design, but relatively speaking, environmental protection is almost.

3. solid wood file cabinet
The file cabinets made of solid wood are divided into pure solid wood and veneer. It is well known that the price of pure solid wood is more expensive than veneer and environmentally friendly. The design of pure solid wood file cabinets is high-grade and suitable for the president’s office selection. The style is also divided into European and Chinese styles. According to the preference, the file cabinet with veneer is also slightly more expensive than other materials, close to pure solid wood. The grade is also relatively high, suitable for bosses and high-level office use.