Blue Whale Product Series:Metal Storage Shelves

Advantages of Metal Storage Shelves:

Mass storage could be done in each single shelf

Heavy Loading Capacity

The structure is stable, using high-strength partitions, with strong load-bearing capacity, each layer bearing 100kg, can be used at will

Adjustable shelves

The full disassembly and assembly structure makes installation more convenient. Adjustable shelves, the height of the shelf can be adjusted according to the situation, use more freely

Could be Used in multiple scenarios,More usage scenarios are waiting you to find.

How to: Assemble Metal Shelving?

Keep your space neat and tidy by installing some Metal shelving. This video shows you how to construct a no-bolt snap lock shelving unit which can carry weights of up to 400 kilograms. All you’ll need is a rubber mallet and a flat surface to get going. Learn how to build garage shelves today to free up extra space in your garage.

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