Introduction of Electronic Locker Products

Introduction of Electronic Locker Products    

Multiple systems to choose from – We have multiple intelligent systems that can be selected according to usage requirements

Smart swipe card infrared barcode fingerprint identification self-set password WeChat scan code

Multiple colors can be matched

Electrostatic spraying technology, non-toxic and tasteless, a variety of colors more comfortable, mainstream color choice, but also free to match

About color: The reflection of the light in the photo and the real object will have some color difference, which is a normal phenomenon. The color can be sprayed according to the customer’s demand.

Scenarios are widely used

Suitable for most scenarios, meet most efficient standardized and consumer group intensive public places

For example: libraries, shopping malls, scenic spots, hospitals, bars, gyms and so on

We adopt the combination type namely a set of control system can control 12 cabinet doors, 24 cabinet doors, 36 cabinet doors, the combination number, the function is flexible and convenient, easy to transport and use.

Sturdy and durable: the box is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, sprayed with plastic after phosphating, durable, beautiful and generous, the structure is firm and firm, and the surface is free from disassembling screws to ensure the safety of articles.