Why choose mobile compactor?


Mobile Compactor-Reasonable Arrangement / Easy & Efficient Storage

Mobile compactor have two steering wheels for you to choose
Effortlessly and Efficient

Braking System Compactors Storage

Each column of the shelves is equipped with a storage system mobile compactor, which is easy to operate. When you open the mobile compactor to Collect information, you need to push the handle which ensures the shelves be stable. Effectively guarantee the safety of the personnel!

Large capacity and high load-bearing boards mobile compactor

User-friendly design,mobile compactor every layer can be adjusted freely.
Meet your different storage needs.

Drawings could be designed freely according to your requirements.

Why choose compact shelving?

Space occupied by traditional book shelves

Space occupied by the compact shelving

The file compactor shelving can be combined with a variety of office furniture’s functions. The compact file compactor is characterized by large storage capacity, beautiful and tidy, multi-color optional.
high space utilization, convenient storage period, safe and stable,
Confidentiality and security are more cost-effective than traditional storage methods.

Applicable Scene